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Environmental Commitment

At Simple Elements we are committed to producing all-natural products that will not leave behind harmful residual chemicals. We also strive to make sure we reduce, reuse, and recycle. Many of our products utilize reusable containers as well as eco-friendly biodegradable paper products. Our disinfectant mimics what naturally occurs within the human body to fight infections. The active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) which is produced by white blood cells, but at a much lower strength. Our process creates HOCL at a strength which will eliminate every bacteria and viruses that it has been tested against, using just water, salt, and electricity.

Why Simple Elements?

Simple Elements Cleaners are amazing products! As an asthmatic, I’ve always struggled with finding good cleaning products that didn’t have an overwhelming odor. Their disinfectants and cleaners are low odor and safe product that I use daily. My husband is an Athletic Director at a local high school and he even uses it in the weight room to keep it clean, odor-free, and his athletes safe.

April T.

We have always had issues with our high efficiency washing machine having an odd smell. It doesn’t matter what we have used, including bleach, the product recommended by the washing machine company, and citric acid, nothing has helped. I decided to try spraying it down with Simple Elements disinfectant. I sprayed the the tub, the gasket, and the detergent dispenser. I let it sit for 5 minutes and then ran a regular cycle. Clean as a whistle, smells like new! This is the ONLY product that was able to remove the smell.

Randy C.

Felling safe is worth so much these days. Simple Element's has great products! Not only is it SAFE but the hospital-grade strength gives me confidence I am actually cleaning! No overwhelming odor, no left over residue. I use it everyday. Thank you Sapphire Disinfection!

DeAnna M.